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What is My Water Daily?

My Water Daily is a newsletter service for water industry professionals in the United States - or anyone that's interested in water issues. Every morning, we pull together news articles and job postings, categorize them based on topic and location, and send a customized email to each of our subscribers. Emails are sent each morning between 7am and 8am Eastern Time. If daily emails are too much, you can choose a weekly summary. Weekly summaries are sent on Monday mornings. My Water Daily is completely free to use and you can unsubscribe at any time. Click here to start getting your free daily emails.

How do you decide which links to include?

My Water Daily is completely automated. News and jobs are selected and categorized based on a combination of search queries and machine learning algorithms. Each news article is assigned one or more locations based on the contents of the article and where it was published. If your newsletter includes an article from a far off publication, it's likely that the article mentioned a location in your area. We're always interested in improving the algorithms that run this site. So, if you encounter a link in your newsletter that seems out of place, please let us know by responding to your newsletter email with a description of the problem. Please note, I'm not currently accepting manual submissions of job listings. If you post your job listing to one of the large job search websites (e.g., my automated system should pick it up and include it in a future newsletter.

Who publishes My Water Daily?

Greetings, my name is Jim Tully. I'm an engineer and hydrogeologist in Florida. In my spare time I like to build websites, web crawlers, natural language processors, named entity extractors, and machine learning tools (i.e. the tools that actually publish My Water Daily). I have a few new features in mind for My Water Daily that I hope to roll out soon. Thanks for reading. -Jim